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How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

Giving to Middlesex Health ensures that the communities it serves have a hospital they need and deserve, today and in the future.

Planned gifts provide resources that preserve the future of Middlesex Health. Friends of Middlesex are including the Hospital in their estate plans, providing the Hospital with necessary funding to meet the future health care needs of the community.

We invite you to join us. Please consider a confidential, no-obligation conversation to join us.

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Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle is made up of those who have made a special commitment, through a planned gift, to the advancement of Middlesex. When you include us in your will, or make Middlesex Health a beneficiary, you can plan a gift to us that will only take effect after your other obligations have ceased, and you'll automatically become a member of our Heritage Circle.

We'd love to welcome YOU as our newest member.


Heritage Circle Listings Updated December 23, 2023

    • Anonymous (8)
    • Dr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Adams*
    • Jeanne A. Adinolfo*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Appleton, Jr.*
    • David and Rosemary C. Baggish
    • Harriet W. Bailey*
    • Helene S. Banta*
    • Charlotte P. Barringer*
    • Rufus Barringer*
    • Rudolf K. Berner*
    • Mal Bochner
    • Hazel L. Brainard*
    • Mrs. Constance B. Brookes*
    • Harry Eben Burr
    • Ruth W. Cadley*
    • Elizabeth B. Callender*
    • Mary Spears Canfield*
    • Elisabeth Case*
    • William and Linda Caval
    • Anna Chmielewski*
    • Douglas M. Clark
    • Judy and Bill* Clark
    • Margaret J. Coe, MD
    • Mrs. Silvija S. Colavito
    • Anne T. Comstock*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Cooke*
    • Jean M. D’Aquila, Esq.
    • Salvatore and Sally McGee D’Aquila
    • The William D’Aquila Family
    • Richard and Kathleen Daniele
    • Elizabeth M. Davis*
    • Bobbie Lynne DeHart*
    • Ms. Barbara S. Delaney*
    • Dellaphene F. Dibble*
    • Angelo and Norma DiBernardi*
    • Richard Didato*
    • Mrs. George Didier*
    • Albert and Marian Dock*
    • Helen and Stanley Douda*
    • Robert H. Drouin*
    • Janice R. Edson*
    • Warren S. Ehlers*
    • Mrs. Elizabeth P. Ellsworth*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Fisher*
    • Juana M. G. Flagg
    • Albert J. Flaim*
    • Mr. and Mrs. John H. Foster*
    • Doreen Gagnon
    • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Giamei
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Gibbons
    • Ruth W. Goldner*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. and Lillian M. Gransky
    • Joe and Trudy Guida*
    • Aimee D. Hamlin*
    • Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hart, Jr.*
    • Theresa Hayward*
    • Mary B. Heath*
    • Carl F. Herrmann*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hildreth*
    • George E. Hill*
    • Stephen A. Holthausen* and Sandra A. Reid*
    • Anna Ingham*
    • Dr. Harry and Teresa Johnson*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Waldo C. Johnston*
    • Dr. David and Marcia Kalayjian
    • Burton J. Karp*
    • Warren H. Kelsey*
    • Betsy S. Kensel
    • Vivian M. Kerr
    • Robert G. Kiely
    • W. R. Lappin*
    • Sol F. Laufer*
    • Georgie W. Lewis
    • Marjorie Miller Luke*
    • Doris Z. Maas*
    • Philip W. Maas, Jr.*
    • Jeff and Sonya Madoff*
    • Douglas R. Magee, Jr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo J. Marino*
    • Laura A. Martino
    • George and Sally Mayer
    • Dr. Bud and Gail McDowell
    • Christie E. McLeod, M.D.*
    • Edward J. McNulty*
    • Victor Melnichuck*
    • Ethel C. Meulendyke*
    • Jane B. Mill*
    • Dr. David J. Miner and Stephanie J. Robiner
    • Ena Y. Monk*
    • Geraldine J. Murphy*
    • Mary Elizabeth Murphy*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Nash, Sr.*
    • John C. Newsome, Jr.*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. O’Connor*
    • Charles K. Park*
    • Carol Parmelee-Blancato
    • William T. Paseler*
    • Oliver L. Patrell*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Patterson*
    • Niel W. Pieper, D.V.M.*
    • Mrs. Joseph C. Platt, III*
    • David and Barbara Preston
    • Josephine L. Pyle*
    • Jeffrey V. Rabuffo, M.D.
    • Robert W. Rice*
    • Gladys M. Rich*
    • Jean M. Richards
    • Elsie H. Schaefer*
    • Donna Sciacca
    • Mrs. Peter L. Scott*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Scovel, Jr.
    • C. Talcott Scovill*
    • Nathan I. Shapiro*
    • Jean and Biff Shaw
    • Benjamin M. Shenker, M.D.*
    • Edith Sherman*
    • Mrs. Edward W. Sherman*
    • Dr. and Mrs. Allen B. Silberstein
    • Helen and Irwin Sitkin
    • Kelly M. Smith
    • Stephen F. Smith*
    • Bounthanh Souriyamath
    • Claire F. Starr*
    • Betty H. Stevens*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Stone, Jr.
    • Gretchen B. Stubbs*
    • Marie M. Szopa*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Tempel, Jr.
    • Nika P. Thayer*
    • Daria G’Winn Thompson*
    • Maxine Thumim*
    • Marjorie C. Tingue*
    • Patricia E. Traynor*
    • Mrs. Margaret P. Van Zandt*
    • Patti Anne Vassia
    • Mr. Martin B. Weiner*
    • Barbara M. Weiss
    • Arthur Stevens Wensinger in memory of Richard H. Wood
    • Benjamin E. Weston, Sr.*
    • Edward* and Joan Wheeler
    • Ramsay Wilson*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Winter*
    • Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wolfson*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wollock*
    • Sallye V. Davage Wright*
    • Welthy B. Wright*
    • Mrs. Valentine Zahn*
    • George W. Zepko*
    • Jacob Zibulsky*
    • Donna and Gary Ziegra
    • Nancy Child Zimmer
    • Sylvia V. Zimmerman*

* Members of the Heritage Circle who have passed away. Their support of Middlesex Hospital and gifts through their estates will be appreciated for years to come.

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